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Styles are the secret sauce that set the 'mood' in every movie
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muvee Pro Modern stylePack 5.0 is the best ever style pack that has been developed by muvee Technologies. It contains around 24 special effects that can be used in any combination of videos and pictures. It is a collection of modern back-to-basics styles that give you fuss-free effects and straightforward transitions in a range of speeds. It is great for Everyday Videos. There is almost endless customization that is provided with this style pack. If you have any muvee application than this style pack is a must. It is compatible with almost all the applications developed by muvee Technologies, whether it be muvee autoProducer, muveeNow (all versions) or muvee autoProducer unPlugged. Some of the best noted styles in sytle pack are: Pro501: Very Slow - Modern, music-driven, very slow. Pro504: Medium Fast - Modern, music-driven, medium fast. Emphasizes pans, zooms and action shots. Pro503 - Very Fast Modern, music-driven, very fast. Emphasizes static shots. I recommend this to anyone who owns a muvee software, go grab it now !

Vineet Sharma
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  • Large number of Styles


  • Not compatible with muvee Reveal
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